Studies & Analysis

Studies and analysis are processes that rely on methods and techniques to organize and collect raw data, mining for insights that are relevant to an organization’s questions or goals, and drilling down into this information to transform metrics, facts, and figures into initiatives for improvement.

A Methodology for Success

We have a long history of performing studies and analysis on a wide range of topics. We employ a full suite of Operations Research/Systems Analysis (ORSA) tools designed to complement strategic enterprise modeling, supply chain management modeling, statistical and decision analysis, and forecasting. Our team provides the best possible research and analysis by employing a methodology that balances the need for factual detail and cogent analysis with the need to make the most efficient and effective use of resources. We deliver expert results at low cost.

Data driven decisions

  • An organized data collection plan
  • A proven data collection methodology
  • A process for aggregating data to ensure maximum efficiency
  • In-depth, valuable data analysis

I need help with...

Evaluating current processes in my organization

Our team has experience in evaluating the approval processes for transfers, withdrawals, and diversions of an organization’s equipment. We research industry and other processes to assess the best means of implementing changes to make improvements.

Developing a workload model study

Our team is adept at conducting comprehensive analyses and developing workload measures to determine the appropriate size and dispersion of an organization’s employees.

Other areas of expertise

Program Management

Traditional and Agile Project Management techniques, combined with the most up-to-date processes have led to a proven record of excellence.

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Project Support & Management

An industry leader in recruiting, training, and retaining top talent. We are an employer of choice to meet your specific needs.

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Studies & Analysis

A full suite of ORSA tools combined with a long history of studies and analysis lead to expert results for your organization.

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Strategic Planning

Proven techniques combined with years of experience. We ensure your operational pathways to success are clear and actionable.

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