Project Support & Management

Finding the right people to carry out important work can be a stressful and risky process. As Jim Collins states in his book “Good to Great,” getting the “right people on the bus” is quite literally the difference between success and failure in building a great enterprise.

Working hard is hardly work

We have a team of corporate recruiters who use all available resources to find and recruit talent. Because of our reputation as an employer of choice, we have a proven track record for attracting and maintaining a high-performance workforce. Our standards are high so we give the best results to our customers and allow our employees to be proud of the work they do. We work hard, but we also take pride in being a great place to work.

We're people people

  • Commitment to ethical behavior and our Core Values.
  • Dedicated, professional employees provide exemplary service.
  • Loyal and dedicated employees are the key to success.
  • Competitive salaries and valuable employee benefits.
  • A great work environment with a healthy work life balance.

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Finding Specialized Talent

We have an abundance of experience finding, hiring, and retaining specialized talent to support our projects. Providing services to the Federal government has taught us the ins and outs of finding highly qualified applicants who are also able to pass rigorous screening requirements for sensitive positions of significant trust and authority. Our employees are also part of many networks that connect to individuals with unique experiences. Although we are not a staffing agency, we have found that our diverse workforce makes us uniquely well-positioned to offer specialized talent to our customers and corporate partners.

Building a Low-turnover Workforce

We take pride in our success in retaining top quality personnel and enjoy a retention rate above 96% across our enterprise. We reach that mark by starting with a screening process that matches people and positions with an emphasis on fit for the long-term. We do not believe in lowest-cost, “revolving door” personnel procurement strategies. That model may appear to save clients on paper, but it always creates long-term costs in reduced effectiveness and efficiency. We strive to be the place where employees meet their goals without having to switch companies.

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Project Support & Management

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