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By bringing quality people to each project who are fully knowledgeable and capable of employing our proven methodologies, MAT, Inc. continues to support numerous studies, research, analysis, and modeling projects across the Department of Defense and the Military Services.  Below is a small selection of some of our past project experience.


The Defense Language and National Security Education Office (DLNSEO) has responsibility and oversight of the Defense Department's Defense Language Program (DLP).  The DLNSEO provides policy, programs, resources, training, and proficiencey testing, research, and communications oversight of the DLP. 


Since July 2010, the DLNSEO has contracted MAT Inc. to conduct research and analysis on language and culture related subjects pertaining to Defense Language Programs, and compile reports and briefings to reflect findings for Departmental and external audiences.  These reports have included the DoD Report to Congress on foreign language proficiency in response to Section 958, National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2008; Public Law 110-181 requirement; DoD Instruction 5160.70, Management of DoD Language and Regional Proficiency Capabilities; and other similar reporting efforts and products.  These reports inform strategic planning and linguist workforce management priorities. 

MAT Inc. was contracted to provide a full range of human resource (HR), strategy and program management services in support of the United States Transportation Command's Joint Enabling Capabilities Command (JECC).  This includes a broad range of analytical, administration, personnel management, program management and subject matter expertise supporting the JECC and its three subordinate commands, the Joint Communication Support Element, Joint Public Affairs Support Element and Joint Planning Support Element. 

The MAT Team provides independent, non-personal program management support in administration; military and civilian personnel support; strategic manpower planning, to include balancing the workforce; resource planning, programming, budgeting and execution; financial management, strategic policy; support agreements, command assessment; joint command and control; Reserve Component affairs and policy; Manager's Internal Control Program; and information technology acquisition and configuration management.  As a result, our personnel are integral staff members in the JECC J1, J5/8, J6 and J9 Directorates.

In the spring of 2012, Golden Key Group (GKG), at the direction of the DOE Office of Acquisition and Project Management, launched a comprehensive, detailed workforce and workload analysis.  One of the most significant challenges faced by the DOE Acquisition community was that the DOE did not have a model that represented the entire acquisition workforce and the complex DOE contracting environment.  With the diverse DOE acquisition requirements, utilizing a single workload measure or using simple manpower models were not sufficient. 


MAT Inc. was brought in by GKG to conduct a rapid assesment and develop a workforce model.  The DOE Acquisition Workforce REquirements Model (DAWRM) was created to identify staffing requirements at the field procurement office level in the complex and diverse DOE acquisition environment.  The underlying methodology for the DAWRM was based upon analyzing three years of historical data (FY 2010 - FY 2012) to identify the total workload and the total man-hours (MH) used to execute that workload at the field procurement office level.  This historical metric was then analyzed and modified before being applied to the predicted FY 2013 workload at each of the field procurement offices. 


The model was developed as a prescriptive model with the potential to be used as a predictive tool.  It generates field office level requirements based upon actual contract transaction data augmented with pseudo transactions to account for complexity and contract type, size, and align.  The field office model was modified to be within a specified range of grouped level metrics to adjust for extreme outliers.  The DAWRM model produces a "man-hours per workload transaction (MH/WT)" metric as a method for generating workforce requirements.  The development of DAWRM is intended to be an analytical basis and foundation for determining DOE acquisition workforce requirements.  This version of the model provides a sound solution and basis for future functionality to address the complex DOE environment. 

In Fiscal Year 2003, the U.S. Army implemented "March 2 Success (M2S)," a highly interactive website program designed to provide high school and college students with easy access to on-line test preparation training.  M2S is a web-based online test preparation self-paced course of instruction in Math, Science, and English skills, and test taking strategies.  M2S is free to all interested students, applicants or other individuals.  The purpose of this course is assist students preparing for standarized tests, to include the SAT, ACT, state-mandated tests, and the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).  M2S underwent a major upgrade in August 2005, under MAT Inc. leadership, with significant expansion in the content, including the addition of comprehensive coursework in Math, Science and English, benchmarked against state-mandated tests and instrumental in assisting students in the completion of their high school coursework.  In September 2014, the M2S contract was re-awarded with MAT Inc. continuing to provide the program management, recruiting expertise, user analysis, and contracting interface, while working closely with the project technical team lead to ensure quality control and client satisfaction.  MAT Inc. has managed and led the team since 2005 through multiple re-competes and continuing program improvements.  MAT was chosen as the Program Lead for the current contract to maintian the benefits of what has already been achieved while extending its utility to better fulfill the Army vision of connecting with America's youth, expanding market penetration, and providing a much needed resource for recruiters and future soldiers.


MAT Inc. worked with the prime, technical and content providers for M2S and with the ASA-M&RA and USAREC staffs to facilitate the enhancements and integration of the M2S. 

Department of Energy Acquisition Workforce Requirements Model
March 2 Success (M2S) Interactive Test Preparation Website

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