Strategic Planning

Strategic planning assists an organization or business with determining what it intends to be in the future and how it will get there. Our team can support situational analysis, facilitate strategy formulation, plan and document implementation and even help evaluate results.

Planning Processes for Success

Because there are many different models and action steps for strategic planning, we work collaboratively with our clients to determine the most applicable model, taking into consideration factors such as purpose (entire organization or simply a project); projected value; cost, in terms of time and resources; short or long-term timelines; and the participants — their assigned responsibilities and degree of buy-in to the overall effort.

Our expertise

  • Situational Analysis: Internal and external environments
  • Strategy Formulation: Operational, competitive and corporate strategies
  • Strategy Implementation: Steps, methods and procedures
  • Strategy Evaluation: Metrics, timetables and outcomes

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Situational Analysis

We can help research a client’s internal and external organizational environments, using observations, discussions, interviews and both in-person and virtual surveys. We may employ methodologies such as SWOT analysis, PEST Analysis and Porter's Five Forces of Competitive Position Analysis.

Strategy Formulation

By identifying organizational strengths, our team can aid in the formulation of short-term operational strategies for various departments, i.e., human resources, finance, operations, training, marketing, etc. Based on knowledge of competitors or other stakeholders, we can support formulating competitive strategies. We ensure corporate strategies are long-term and focused on the structure and overall direction of the organization.

Strategy Implementation

We stress developing the steps, methods and procedures to execute a strategy, prioritizing the worst problems, and assigning resources and responsibilities for implementation, at the same time the strategies are being created.

Strategy Evaluation

Our team can assist with developing challenging metrics to support evaluation of the implementation steps and processes and to revise a strategy, when warranted.

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