Program Management

Dynamic organizations often have critical ongoing processes that require professional management, as well as periodic initiatives that require direction in order to foster continued growth and vitality.

Proven success and professional know-how

We have an established record of excellence in managing complex projects and diverse programs. We use proven techniques and processes that have been validated worldwide and incorporated into the PMBOK® (Project Management Body Of Knowledge). We use the most up-to-date PMI® certified processes and techniques, and our PMP® certified professionals are adept at using both traditional project management methods as well as Agile project management to guide your project to success. We have years of experience successfully managing large-scale projects encompassing a diverse scope of requirements. When it comes to ensuring deliverables are completed on time and all performance standards are met, we have adopted the phrase NASA made famous—“Failure is not an option!”

A record of excellence

  • Excellence in Understanding Requirements.
  • Excellence in Communications Management
  • Excellence in Stakeholder Management
  • Excellence in Change Management

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Initiating a Project

Our team of professionals listen to understand your requirements and use our outstanding skills in research and analysis to develop the most effective and efficient approach to launching your project or program.

Planning a Project

We are experienced in defining project scope, creating a Project Management Plan, defining activities, creating a Work Breakdown Structure, scheduling, and costing — all the aspects of project planning that are needed to start down the road to success.

Executing a Project

Our team is relentless when it comes to managing a project to ensure success. We will put together a winning team and direct their efforts, perform continuous quality control, and provide outstanding stakeholder management.

Monitoring and Controlling a Project

Our team of professionals understand the importance of managing schedules, costs, and risks, and the change management process needed to respond to evolving circumstances and keep a project on track. We keep stakeholders informed and live by the dictum that bad news does not improve with age. We know that bad news shared early provides the opportunity for proactive measures that turn threatening developments into stories of challenges successfully surmounted.

Closing a Project

Our team is knowledgeable in ensuring that sunset activities are performed in a manner that causes the least disruption to ongoing operations, and that knowledge gained in the execution of a project or program is retained as part of an organization’s institutional memory.

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